Terms and conditions of use

Please read the following in full before Purchasing. Once payment is made for the purchase, it is deemed that you have read and understood the terms and conditions for such purchase. If you have any queries please email us at info@wirelab.co.za


Product Images and Representation

We have made every effort to display the Products on the website as accurately as possible, including:

  • the images that represent a visual depiction of the product
  • features and descriptions that pertain to the product

The actual product delivered may be subject to variations in appearance, as product packaging may differ over time. It remains the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the product ordered is correct, and the product description and/or model number will always overrule any related images when resolving a dispute about a product.
As the actual colours you see will depend on your computer's monitor we cannot guarantee that your monitor's display of any colour will be accurate.


Product pricing and availability

The Products displayed on the website are subject to availability and will be delivered within the Republic of South Africa only, within the areas as determined by Wirelab. It remains the responsibility of the customer to ensure the delivery address, including suburb and postal code, is correct.

All prices displayed on the Website are valid and effective only in the Republic of South Africa for the day that they are viewed. Wirelab reserves the right, without prior notice, to discontinue or change pricing or specifications of products and services offered on this Website without incurring any liability whatsoever.

Wirelab cannot guarantee availability of stock but will endeavour to source stock where possible to fulfill your order. Where items cannot be delivered, Wirelab will endeavour to contact the customer based on the information provided at registration, and offer either the option to cancel the order or reduce the quantities, where applicable. If we are unable to supply each and every item ordered or in the quantities ordered and cannot contact the customer the customer nevertheless agrees to accept delivery and make payment for the items correctly delivered.

You will be charged the prices that are reflected on the Website, subject to availability. Special promotions may be subject to certain conditions, including stock availability and limited offer stipulations.

Obvious Errors

We regret that no order will be accepted if we identify an inadvertent and obvious error in the prices of products or services or the description of any of our products or services or the on the Website.


The use of any product bought from this Website is at the purchaser's risk. The purchaser/ user indemnifies and holds the Provider harmless against any loss, injury or damages which may be sustained as a result of using the products sold on the Website.


Credit card and EFT Payments on this site are processed securely using PayFast.

Customer details will be stored by the Provider separately from card details which are entered by the client on PayFast’s secure site. For more detail on PayFast refer to www.payfast.co.za 

Delivery Policy :

Delivery Times

Our delivery times are within 3 working days for main city centres and within 5 working days for outlying areas. Wirelab delivers from Monday to Friday, 08h00 till 17h00 and do not deliver on a Saturday, Sunday and any South African public holiday.Wirelab wants to deliver on time as promised. However, things happen and so we are unable to guarantee that all orders will be delivered within the stipulated time frame.

Please note that once your order has been placed we cannot change your delivery address. Should you have any issues please contact us on info@wirelab.co.za
 Deliveries to outlying areas shall attract an additional surcharge that will be calculated on checkout. An outlying area refers to a suburb or town that falls out of any regional town/city or main centre. Outlying areas include farms, mines and townships

Please arrange that you or your authorised representative, who is a responsible person, is available to accept your purchases at the delivery address and that appropriate access will be made available. On delivery, we will require you or your authorised representative to sign and print your or their name on a duplicate copy of the delivery note, to confirm receipt. We have outsourced all deliveries and accordingly, we cannot, to the extent permitted by law, be liable for any damage suffered or loss incurred by reason of any acts or omissions of the courier.

 Upon delivery of the product, before signing for the delivery, you agree to inspect the product for any faults, defects or damage. As a precaution, please keep the receipt of the delivered product. In the rare circumstance that your item has a defect or is missing from your order please contact customer service on info@wirelab.co.za

 Confirmation email

As soon as your order is dispatched from our offices, you will be sent an email to confirm that your package is on its way. If we are unable to meet the estimated delivery date we shall not be liable for any losses, liabilities, costs, damages, charges or expenses arising out of late delivery. If you are unavailable to take delivery or collection, we may leave a card giving you instructions on either re-delivery or collection from the carrier.

Any delivery is subject to acts which is beyond the control of Wirelab due to force majeure including (but not limited to) inability to secure labour, power, internet services, GSM network connectivity, materials or supplies, or by any act of God, war, civil disturbance, riot, state of emergency, strike, lockout, or other labour disputes, fire, flood, drought or legislation.

Order Tracking

We will send you an email, with links to track your parcel

Refund Policy :



In the event that Wirelab is out of stock of a product ordered by you, Wirelab must notify you thereof, whereupon –

-          in the event of a temporary out-of-stock situation, you shall be entitled either to cancel the order and be fully refunded, or to maintain the sale subject to a later delivery date as may be agreed;

-          in the event of a permanent out-of-stock situation, you shall be entitled to be fully refunded. In being ‘fully refunded’ as aforesaid, you will be refunded the relevant purchase price and delivery charges, without having to pay any administrative or other charges.


When Is A Product ‘Defective’?:

 Please note that the following issues/problems will NOT render the product Defective as aforesaid and will not entitle you to any repair, replacement or refund:

-          faults resulting from normal wear and tear;

-          where you, or someone unauthorised to do so by Wirelab, has altered, repaired or damaged the product. 

Important: you should refuse to accept delivery of any product which is visibly damaged, and if you only discover the damage after the courier has left (e.g. an opened container), then you must report it to Wirelab as soon as possible and within 48 hours.  If only reported after 48 hours, it is reasonable for Wirelab or its suppliers to determine that the damage was caused post-delivery;

-          electronic software (including DVD’s) purchased by you which are not compatible with your operating system and/or existing hardware .  Consequently, before purchasing any software, please confirm that same is compatible with your existing hardware and operating system. As the nature of software to be copied, we do not offer any returns, opened or unopened.


Main Centres

Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, George, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth and East London can expect delivery within 3 working days.

Outlying Areas

Expect delivery within 5 working days.
Note: a day refers to a normal business day and would exclude Saturday/Sunday and public holidays.
When do we start counting days? It depends on your payment method


Products which are NOT defective, open, expired, damaged or unsuitable as discussed above, but which you want to return for whatever reason, can be returned within 7 days from delivery, as explained above under ‘Non-Defective Products’ by following the returns procedure set out in ‘Arranging Returns’ below.

Note: If you wish to return any non-defective product delivered to you for a refund as aforesaid, please do not open the product or remove the product from its original packaging and/or use or wear the product.  Supplements and/or consumables in particular, need to be returned unopened and not have been tampered with.  Remember that Wirelab may hold you liable for any damage you cause to the product (including its packaging) while in your possession.

Incorrect Product: If the incorrect Product is delivered to you by mistake (ie it is not the Product you purchased), please do not remove the Product from its original packaging, open or use the Product in any way. Please promptly contact Wirelab at +27 796638442 to notify Wirelab thereof, so that we can resolve the mistake by arranging to collect such Product from you and deliver the correct Product to you, as quickly as possible.



If you want to return a product you have purchased from Wirelab for any reason permitted under this Refund Policy, you must in all instances first notify Wirelab thereof to inform us of the reason for your return by emailing : info@wirelab.co.za

 You must ensure that the Product to be collected by the courier is packed so as to comply with the following:

the Product is properly protected;

save where being returned due to being Defective, the Product is still in its original packaging, together with all its documentation (if any), and in perfect condition for the purposes of resale (i.e. the product must not be damaged, scratched, soiled)

IMPORTANT: Wirelab is not able to accept the return of any products which have not gone through the above process and may be sent back to you at your expense.

Please treat products and packaging with reasonable care while in your possession.  You may be liable for any damage you cause to a product (including its packaging) while in your possession.


Should you be entitled to a refund for any reason, such refund shall –

a) be credited to your Wirelab shopper profile, in which case you have the right to request that the funds be paid into your bank account, being your bank account as reflected on Wirelab records.  Wirelab will not, in this instance, pay funds into a third party bank account. 

As refunds need to be processed by the banks, please note that the processing of refunds can take up to 5 working days from approval date.