TOTO-LINK EX300 300Mbps Wireless N Range Extender



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TOTO-LINK EX300 300Mbps Wireless N Range Extender

The EX300 is a 2.4GHz (2T2R) wireless range extender which is designed to expand your existing wireless network signals coverage. Users can extend their wireless network just by placing this extender between the wireless router and wireless devices. With two antennas the EX300 receives and sends data with great stability. It can effectively meet users’ needs for wireless Internet access on hard-to-reach areas.

300Mbps Wi-Fi Speed

The EX300 supports advanced 802.11n standard and is backwards compatible with 802.11b/g. It provides 300Mbps wireless data transmission rate and most reliable connection for users to enjoy the best wireless connection in your entire home.


With it’s small size and simple power supply it can be can follow you anywhere. It is very convenient for users who often travel. 

Individual Power Switch

The additional power ON/OFF switch designed in the side simplifies device control, there’s no need to unplug the power adapter.

Changeable Plug for Global Use

Since plug points in different countries may be different, the changeable plug design of EX300 simplifies network deployment and is applicable for global countries. When you place it into the outlet on the wall, it looks like a decorator with sky-blue indicators and two external antennas. 

Effortlessly Extending Wi-Fi Coverage

The EX300 is ideal for users who are having WiFi connectivity problems due to being in a building with many obstacles. It covers a wider area as it can increase the distance over which the WLAN signal spreads in a certain location. You can place it between the router and the devices and have it function as a network repeater that can pick up the WiFi signals from a primary router.

One Click Network Setup

If you are tired of complicated settings for network connections, the EX300 is perfect for you. No configuration and no wiring. Just click the WPS button of the router and also the Extender for few seconds, then a wireless connection will be established automatically. More devices can access the Internet via the wireless network duplicated from the original router if you place it at the optimum position.

Advanced Security 

The most advanced WPA/WPA2 (TKIP/AES) encryption is provided to ensure the security of wireless connection. Only the users who known the SSID and encryption key can connect to the network, so that users needn’t worry about unauthorised users. 

Product features: 

  • Complies with IEEE 802.11n/g/b standards for 2.4GHz Wireless LAN.
  • Up to 300Mbps data rate.
  • Two external antennas enhance stability.
  • Portable and compact stylish design.
  • WPS push button for easy Wi-Fi network extension.
  • ON/OFF button for easy power control.


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TOTO-LINK EX300 300Mbps Wireless N Range Extender

TOTO-LINK EX300 300Mbps Wireless N Range Extender

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